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Blind Squirrel Macro - The Pod
Pod: It 'AI'-n't Necessarily So!

Pod: It 'AI'-n't Necessarily So!

Blind Squirrel Macro: The Pod. Tuesday, 11th June 2024

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Then we have last Thursday’s news that the West’s attempt to keep China out of the advanced semiconductor arena may not be going as well as planned.
Charts and Tables from Pytorch to Atoms and John Huber. 2 great notes on AI data center cost breakdowns and Big Tech capex, respectively.
All charts and images from Leopold Aschenbrenner’s June 2024 paper, Situational Awareness

Remember in March when the obituaries were being written for Alphabet GOOG 0.00%↑ after the botched launch of their ‘woke’ chatbot, Gemini? So does the 🐿️! 😉

“A range extension to new highs” is PROBABLY “messing with a lot of heads”

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Blind Squirrel Macro
Blind Squirrel Macro - The Pod
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