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Since going public with Blind Squirrel Macro here on Substack back in February, I have been truly flattered by your readership and the positive responses and engagement that I have received for the notes.

The good news is that I have really enjoyed writing it too! So much so that I have decided to make the 🐿️ the ‘backbone’ of my working life. I have therefore taken the decision to take a leap of faith and make the move to a (partial) subscription model.

If you are in this category, thank you and here is the button you need to press!

Need more detail? Here is the plan. I will continue to keep the ‘Front Section’ of the Monday Morning notes and its companion podcast free to all readers (and listeners).

I make 2 firm 🐿️ commitments to readers about the Monday note:

  1. The ‘Front Section’ will be a standalone product that I hope continues to be worthy of your valuable time. It will never put up one of those annoying ‘velvet rope’ / ‘upgrade to read’ messages just ahead of any punchline, conclusion or recommendation.

  2. It will also never become a tedious advertorial for my paid service. Paid subscribers will be getting exactly the same ‘Front Section’ and I suspect that such a ‘salesy’ approach would be bad for business.

I understand that many of you will not join me behind the paywall but hope that those that do not will continue to read and enjoy the free Monday letter. Please also share and forward the letter to friends who you think might be interested.

However, from Monday 6th November, the Acorn (specific trade idea) reports, reviews, archives as well as portfolio updates will only be available to paid subscribers. For those that follow me down the subscription path, I commit to make that worth your while.

Paid subscribers will also have access to ‘The Blind Squirrel’s Drey’, the 🐿️’s members-only server on Discord.

The purpose of The Drey is to:

Last but not least, in the case of Annual Subscribers and Founding Members, there is even merch!!

Your 🐿️ modelling the Fall/Winter 23/24 Blind Squirrel Merch line-up.

We shall be mailing the choice of a designer Blind Squirrel Macro ‘beanie’ or ‘bucket’ hat to all new Annual Subscribers. Founding Members will ensure that they are equipped for both winter AND summer with the free gift of one of each!

The Details

What does it cost? Very straightforward, the individual paid options are as below if you want to sign up. Please email for group plans.

  • Monthly Subscription: US$30 per month.

  • Annual Subscription: US$300 per year.

  • Founding Membership:US$500 per year.

Monthly Subscriber benefits:

  • Weekly Acorn review and portfolio update (the second section of the Monday Morning notes).

  • Acorn (new trade idea) reports and full archive access.

  • Access to ‘The Drey’, our community server on Discord. More details on The Drey can be found here.

Annual Subscriber benefits:

  • Same as monthly benefits (but with a discounted price - 12 months for the price of 10).

  • MERCH! - a Blind Squirrel Macro hat (your choice of a ‘bucket’ or ‘beanie’ as modelled above - we will email you re mailing addresses and ‘style’ selection when you sign up).

Founding Membership:

  • All the above (plus MORE MERCH! - the extra hat!)

  • Quarterly Founding Member small group video calls with the 🐿️.


I am happy to offer scholarship subscriptions to readers that are still in full time education. Please email the 🐿️ ( with an explanation of your circumstances and I am sure that we can sort you out.

Hoping to see as many of you as possible on the other side (as well as in The Drey!) Squirrel out!

A reminder of some of the 🐿️’s greatest hits (if you got here and still need convincing).